15 Commits (master)

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GRMrGecko cd4ceb6f47 Added new LogSQLite which keeps a side database containing the last time the server has seen an individual. Added new AutoReplay setting to disable the auto replay on connect. Made the replay command have the ability to be called with the amount of items max you want to have replayed. 9 years ago
GRMrGecko 9bf45a739c Somehow I forgot to make the NICK name changes be an action. This caused so many issues without me noticing. 11 years ago
GRMrGecko 9deeb4c585 Realized that I have left LogMySQL in my copy/paste to LogSQLite of the do not track command. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko 6f34b37cca Added time as primary key for SQLite as it makes it take less than a second to order by time when you have over 1,000,000 entires in your log. MySQL seems fine as it has a cache. If someone who uses MySQL finds this wrong, please ether add in the primary key system yourself and submit a patch or let me know in a bug report. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko 5ac06c0927 Added notice to confirm that the session was added to the Do Not Track list. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko 8b8e4be17f Added DoNotTrack command which makes it so you can have a connection on your phone and tell LogSQL to not track when that session disconnects so once you get on your computer, you can re-read everything. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko b6079d0fc7 Added support for cap znc.in/server-time to give the clients which supports this extension the time which the message was sent so it can display accordingly. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko 3cf9cf5bd7 Added a new feature to ignore channels/nicks which you do not want to have logged and replayed. Ignores are wildcard based and nick ignores includes the mask which allows you to block an entire ip address/hostname and or nick name. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko b0ed19fe38 Fixed the build script for MySQL so it uses MySQL_Config instead of guessing based on what my configuration was. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko 391ec344a0 Changed build script to save the configuration chosen so you will not have to re-type in information each time you want to build. Fixed issue where LogLevel was setting LogLimit. Added help commands to individual commands to explain options. Reformatted every command to work the same with the way it saves settings and displays results. Updated LogMySQL to work the same with commands as LogSQLite. 13 years ago
Kyle Fuller 43e34bd202 Use CString::ToBool for the argument to ReplayAll 13 years ago
Kyle Fuller a249f23c7b Use CModCommand 13 years ago
GRMrGecko 7aa1a6b7c7 Updated build scripts to make the Mac OS X work around for the MySQL client library path only happen when you have Mac OS X. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko a27092c873 Added MySQL Database Defaults dump for people who do not want to give the user which is used the ability to create and drop tables. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko 902834079b LogSQL Start 13 years ago