Control Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS with DMX
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This project is designed to control the GRAFIK Eye QS Control panel via the QSE-CI-NWK-E with the serial interface. The project is designed to use the OLA ( project to use either a DMX device to a network DMX protocol to control the 6 available zones.

I designed this software for use on a Raspberry Pi using the 2019-07-10-raspbian-buster-lite release and OLA at dc40569a7e compiled and installed using instructions at


Once OLA is installed, run it using olad -l 3 and then edit the configuration files in .ola/ to disable the modules which are not used as some of them will take the serial device. Once configured, run olad -l 3 again and visit the raspberry pi's IP address at port 9090 in your browser to configure the DMX universe you are going to use. Once configured, you can then test this software by changing the configuration portion of the code.

Trick to disable all modules except the one you are using.

sed -i '/enabled\s=/c\enabled = false' ~/.ola/*.conf
sed -i '/enabled\s=/c\enabled = true' ~/.ola/ola-e131.conf


Install Python/needed modules.

apt install python3-pip python3-serial
pip3 install ola

Copy lutron-dmx-control@.service and olad@.service to /etc/systemd/system/ and run the following to enable/start.

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable olad@pi
systemctl start olad@pi
systemctl enable lutron-dmx-control@pi
systemctl start lutron-dmx-control@pi


Enable watchdog on the Raspberry Pi to auto reboot upon system crashes.

Edit /boot/config.txt and add under the [all] section.


Edit /etc/systemd/system.conf and uncomment RuntimeWatchdogSec and set it as follows.


After configuring, reboot.