Nixie Tube Based Clock Controlled by Arduino
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#Nixie Tube Clock - Arduino Controlled Clock

I don't have any fun names to put on this project, I haven't thought of one... If you have one, email me.

All details has not been written out, but you can piece together things by going to my blog at and viewing images and docs here.

You would want to use Modified Board to print as I include the needed gerber files and also it has pin outs for power which is useful for adding the bluetooth board.

Many of the parts used is available at I recommend buying the needed resistors from some place where you can order them individually.

To get nixie tubes, I recommend you go on ebay and search for "Nixie Tube IN 14" without quotes.

Power Supply can be ordered from The tube ICs can be purchased from, you will need 6.

Extended documents available at