Automate calls using asterisk
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Asterisk Outgoing Call API

Starts an outgoing call based on provided paramters according to the call file format. View for more details about the call file format. I created this to make my phone ring when my cell phone rings via a tasker profile. Should be useful for many additional things though.

Accepted parameters

  • token: The API token to authenticate with the server.
  • channel: Channel to use for the call.
  • caller_id: Caller ID, Please note: It may not work if you do not respect the format: CallerID: “Some Name” <1234>
  • wait_time: Seconds to wait for an answer. Default is 45.
  • max_retries: Number of retries before failing (not including the initial attempt, e.g. 0 = total of 1 attempt to make the call). Default is 0.
  • retry_time: Seconds between retries, Don’t hammer an unavailable phone. The default is 300 (5 min).
  • account: Set the account code to use.
  • application: Asterisk Application to run (use instead of specifying context, extension and priority).
  • data: The options to be passed to application.
  • context: Context in extensions.conf
  • extension: Extension definition in extensions.conf
  • priority: Priority of extension to start with.
  • set_var: Set of variables to set in url query format.
  • archive: Yes/No – Move to subdir “outgoing_done” with “Status: value”, where value can be Completed, Expired or Failed.
  • schedule: Schedule call for a later date/time. Can be natrual language input as parsed by