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GRMrGecko c91dc8bbf8 Added new resize of images based on logic such as connected network or auto upload filter. Added default theme as white background. Added upload finish method with the ability to store some info in the history for a future delete option and possibly other features. Removed uploadLock due to issues it causes when an upload fails before it even goes to asynchronous tasks. Added unique ID to auto upload filters to allow unique identification in other locations such as resize logics. Fixed some panels I modified without modifying the language translations. 7 years ago
GRMrGecko 1b9549f175 Changed the way multi upload works to where plugins can take control and added themes for multi uploads. Fixed issue in the http plugin where if the plugin is unable to talk to the page to determine it's encoding, it will assume that it's a plist format. Now the http plugin checks if it's JSON on every request. 7 years ago
GRMrGecko 841027cd58 Changed license as I was not as knowledgable as I am now when I started this project. 7 years ago
GRMrGecko c231e4badb Fixed short URL character set. Added short URL shuffling code to help you shuffle the order. 7 years ago
GRMrGecko b9501e3b0f Forgot to add the hexadecimal value for the create flags variable as needed to compile in OS X 10.5. 7 years ago
GRMrGecko 7e505c6789 Added support for newer operating systems and dropped Dropbox (funny to say). 7 years ago
GRMrGecko 98d1698076 Current status 9 years ago
James Coleman 0c07b8c44c Updated the path subscriber as Mountain Lion seemed to have deprecated and broke FNSubscribeByPath. The new update checks if you are on 10.5 or later and if you are it will use the new FileSystem Events. 10 years ago
GRMrGecko 4cca0cf0ec Fixed issues where files with spaces causes the url not to be copied, fixed issues with lion where dragging a file to the icon will cause a crash, upgraded MGMURLConnectionManager, updated the http php script to encode the url as a fix for spaces causing the url not to be copied on http uploads. 11 years ago
GRMrGecko b8a143b61d Added Swedish translation. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko dcb879db25 Fixed typo of the word successfully. Made it build the multipart body for http using a category to save the amount of code needed to type to add a parameter or file. Added an option to change the length of time to limit files to when uploading to allow people to keep files in the folder of which the auto upload filter is set to, by default the time length is 5 seconds. Fixed a possible crash where it may not beable to get the value of a metadata. Updated the front window system to work with carbon events to improve the acuracy of which application is front and also count the amount of windows that were opened to prevent it from going to the previous front application when there are still windows open. Fixed some leaks and fixed some possible logic errors. Made CocoaShare localizable. Added translation for Portuguese. Updated GeckoReporter to 0.2. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko 85a3c3bcc6 Fixed issue for people who's language is not english, made it localizable, added metadata support so you can filter by metadata, fixed menu bar tooltip, cleaned up strings, and fixed issue where closing the preferences pane or window for events would crash if it's still playing a sound. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko 9ebac37394 Fixed crash when the date for a history item could possibly be formatted as null. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko e44743fbae CocoaShare Start 12 years ago