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GRMrGecko 0efa118a96 Updated to support 64bit experimental, new source url, and custom prefix. 10 years ago
Mr. Gecko c32d8b873a Merge pull request #3 from ardecvz/fix-revision 10 years ago
Artur Petrov 1fafdd1018 Bump version 10 years ago
Artur Petrov dee1f483b3 Enhance UX of revision downloading progress 10 years ago
Artur Petrov 2c27526ab5 Improve string casting of revision info values 10 years ago
Artur Petrov 818a02edbd Fix revision in channels' JSON 10 years ago
GRMrGecko d402afd7e5 Removed hash revisions 11 years ago
GRMrGecko 28e9c7a3a5 Looks like I updated GeckoReporter and Sparkle, do not know why. I've fixed an issue which prevented Launch where Chromium changed their Build field from SVNRevision to SCMRevision (Subversion to Software Configuration Management)... Updated to Version 0.2.3. 12 years ago
GRMrGecko a729c9546b Fixed issue with Chromatic not being able to parse the channel causing the whole program to stop working. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko cd98c92b94 Now reads from Google's API instead of the Apache location due to the Apache location being deprecated. 13 years ago
GRMrGecko b2a45eef97 Chromatic Start 13 years ago