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Contributing to CocoaShare.
If you want to contribute to CocoaShare, here is what I will do:
1. Add your name (and email if provided) to the change describing what you changed.
2. Add your name (and email/website if provided) to the contributors section.
Terms for adding: 1. The patch must not disrupt up the functionality of CocoaShare. 2. The patch must provide useful changes. 3. Anything that you add to the source code of CocoaShare will be under the terms of my licenses. 4. If you add changes to CocoaShare's source code, you may not have them removed, but you will get credit for the changes in the history of the application. To contribute: 1. Create a patch file using this command “diff -crB CocoaShareOriginal CocoaShare > CocoaShare.patch”. 2. Send the patch to with your name, email/website (if you want that information), and what you changed so I can add it to the about and change.